Studio Albin Holmqvist

Studio Albin Holmqvist

Studio Albin Holmqvist is the independent design practice of Albin Holmqvist.

Stockholm based but internationally active, S—AH works for both global brands and local cultural initiatives within film, music and the arts. The pervading aspect of the work is to always strive to be humanistic and a positive force in society regardless of the project scale and context. S—AH exclusively takes on work where an understanding of the subject matter and an authentic expression can be guaranteed. Cultural relevance and refined craft is paramount for any project output. S–AH is multidisciplinary in its truest form and provides services ranging from creative direction and strategy down to design execution in all aspects.

The Studio moniker refers to the collaborative effort on projects where specific technologists and/or specialists are required.

Clients include: Spotify, The Absolut Company, The Royal Swedish Opera, Ruben Östlund, Plattform Produktion, Rizzoli, Vogue, Earthrise and more.

Studio Albin Holmqvist
Stockholm, Sweden
Graphic Design
Selected work
Triangle of Sadness
Triangle of Sadness
Mark Gonzales

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